When building a new home, customers look for quality construction and a builder responsive to their needs. Vendera Homes sets the industry standard in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for new home construction drawing on over 50 years of experience building homes which far exceed their buyers’ expectations.

The “Vendera Homes experience” starts with the first introduction and carries through to the acceptance of the finished home. Customers will enjoy the opportunity of working with a team of dedicated professionals throughout the home buying, construction and warranty processes. Attention to detail, follow through and prompt responses are all hallmarks of the Vendera building experience ensuring each homebuyer is kept informed of the progress of their new home. Quality products, innovative amenities and features and reliable construction services are integral components of every Vendera home.

Vendera Homes brings the individual strengths of our team together to build a better home for you and your family. Let Vendera Homes build the new home you’ve been dreaming of and watch your vision come to life.